3 Components to Create a Successful Course

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It takes effort and hard work to create a good online course.  Any successful instructor will tell you the same and once you understand the intricacies of each component you will have the ability to create your own wildly successful courses.  The purpose of this article is to outline 3 of the most important components at a high level with the hopes of inspiring educators to take their first step towards creating an online course.

Quality content is fundamentally the most important component to consider when creating a successful online course.  Content is what educates and engages your students and without it, the rest doesn’t matter. Choosing the right topic is your first step.  Identifying the right topic to teach is important to consider when you’re trying to connect and engage with your audience, what are they interested in?  If you are the instructor for the course, make sure you sufficiently know the content before beginning to build your course. Students are keenly able to sense when an instructor doesn’t really know what they’re teaching. For more tips on how to build a successful course explore our other recent blog posts.

Using an intuitive course delivery system. Both students and instructor want an easy and enjoyable learning experience, the technology should only contribute to the experience.  This means as an instructor you need use a platform that is simple and easy to use, one that doesn’t require you to hire a web designer or require you to learn how to code.  Students should not be inconvenienced by the technology that delivers your courses.  When choosing a delivery system ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can my students watch the courses on their ipad?
  • Is my website responsive and mobile friendly?
  • Can my students watch the course videos on their android and other mobile devices?
  • Does the technology allow me to charge students for access to the course?
  • Will I charge my students on a recurring basis (monthly for access) or a la carte per course?

Effective Marketing, word of mouth is great but in the world of online education, internet marketing is the name of the game.  It’s not just about giving your friends a heads up about your new course, it’s about how to reach the millions of students around the world who want to learn about your topic.  They can’t register for your course if they don’t know its exists.  The power of online marketing helps give your courses and school the exposure it needs to reach your audience.  RocketCourse offers courses on how to effectively market your courses to the masses.

This article discusses at a high level the three most important components to creating a successful course.  There are many other features, delivery tips and ways to increase student engagement discussed on the RocketCourse blog.  To start building your own school or to learn more about the RocketCourse platform, visit rocketcourse.com

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