4 Tools Successful Educators Use to Promote Their Courses

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There are a number of marketing tools, practices, and tutorials available on the internet that claim to teach you everything you need to know about online marketing, they are a scam.  There is no course out there that teaches you everything you need to know simply because the processes and traditional methods are always evolving.  The purpose of this article is to show you 4 tools that the team over at Rocketcourse.com has found to be very valuable in their marketing efforts.


  1. Google is one of your best and worst friends.  There are organic search results and paid results.  Organic results are what google displays in their search results based on what they think you are looking for.  Paid results are the ads or sponsored links that show up in the results when you search for something.  Paid ads are how google lets its advertisers decide when they feel it is appropriate to display their ad determined by the users search query.  Other sites like Bing and Yahoo have similar but independent offerings.
  2. Social Media– Facebook, linkedin, Twitter have their own respective “organic” and paid ads.  Learning each of these advertising opportunities is a great way to socially promote your school and courses.
  3. A Blog–  You’re reading this, aren’t you?  Keeping an active blog that discusses different topics about your school and courses help search engines find your school and courses which subsequently help your prospective students do the same.
  4. Email Marketing–  There are dozens of email marketing platforms available out there that help educators keep in touch with their students and contacts.  Keeping in touch with your students is important, whether you’re letting them know about an updated or new course, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to update and communicate your messsages to large groups of people.

RocketCourse is an online learning platform that gives educators the technology and tools they need to create and manage their own online school.  RocketCourse offers many school and course marketing tools to instructors and school administrators so they can successfully market and earn more money from their courses.

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