RocketCourse LMS for Regulated Schools

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Running an online school is a lot of fun when you use RocketCourse.  The internet is a great way to teach, earn money and it gives you the flexibility to teach nearly anything.  Schools that offer government or board approved courses aren’t as easy because they usually require custom features. In fact, with most online learning systems, offering compliance and government regulated courses is expensive and frustrating.  RocketCourse makes offering these types of courses easy, intuitive, and more affordable than it’s ever been before.

Features that most government regulated online schools need:

  • Assessments (exams and quizzes)
  • Presence verification (“Are you still there” messages)
  • Private user records
  • 100% uptime
  • Customizable and brandable website
  • Simple student registration
  • Custom Discount Codes

Use Case: Online Mortgage Professional Continuing Education

Let’s say you own a mortgage school that educates mortgage professionals in your state.  At the very beginning, when your student registers online to take their course you are reuquired to collect special information like their license or membership number along with the other standard payment and user credentials.  You are likely required to use a system that periodically pauses the videos and pops up an “are you still there” box on the screen that the user must click.  You also may be required to have your users pass an assessment where the questions are offered in a randomized order for the student to earn their certificate.  Maybe you want to offer a groupon or discount code to promote your courses too.

RocketCourse is the technology that runs your online school

Everything you need to do is already done, RocketCourse is waiting for you to sign up and customize to make it your own.  There are no hidden fees and if you’re interested in using the features reach out to us and we’ll get you setup to sell your course in barely any time.

Try Rocket Course for free

Let us prove how simple, intuitive and beautiful your school can be on our platform.  Don’t spend any money or get any headaches setting up your online school.  RocketCourse gives you all the tools and features you need to setup and sell your courses online.



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